June 24, 2003

SCO Takes Aim at More Targets

Anonymous Reader writes "Article Excerpts:

""By asserting ownership claims over works broadly defined as derivative of Unix, SCO's managed to inflate the group of possible SCO targets potentially to include Apple's OS X, the BSDs, nearly every flavor of commercial Unix and even Microsoft's Windows.

I know that Microsoft had been emerging for many as the imagined Mr. Big behind SCO's IP chicanery, but if any firm can be identified so far as a powerful industry buddy for SCO, it's Sun Microsystems, the only firm that SCO has identified as paid-up in the Unixness licensing department. What's more, Sun has been quick to trumpet its good relations with SCO in advertisements, contrasting themselves to those swashbuckling code-lifters over at IBM.""

Link: eweek.com

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