November 18, 2003

SCO Targets Major Linux User

The SCO Group Inc. said Tuesday it would sue a major user of Linux within 90 days, as the company prepared to launch a new legal assault in its claims
that the open-source operating system contains the computer maker's copyrighted code.

The Lindon, Utah, company, which has a $3 billion lawsuit pending against IBM, told reporters and analysts in a teleconference that it would begin
suing companies that use Linux, but refuse to pay licensing fees to SCO.

"One of things that we will be looking to do is to identify a defendant that we believe will illustrate the nature of the problem," David Boies,
managing partner of SCO's law firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, said. "I don't want to try and identify that defendant on this call, for obvious
reasons . . . but you will be seeing the identification of a significant user that has not paid license fees and is in fact using proprietary and
copyrighted material. I think you'll certainly be seeing that within the next 90 days.



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