February 13, 2004

SCO UNIX® is a proven, stable, and reliable platform

SCO UNIX® is used in thousands of businesses and branch offices around the world. Its scalability, reliability and flexibility are legendary. SCO
UNIX® is the number one UNIX® on Intel and delivers all of the power of UNIX® on affordable, industry standard hardware. SCO UNIX® has a proven track
record for 99.999% reliability and scales to 32-way SMP. It is the operating system of choice to deploy solutions ranging from a back office solution
on a single server to hosting a data base intensive, high transaction volume application across a network of servers.

Case Study: Safeco Field

"We knew there was an integrated and reliable solution out there, but at first we were not quite sure who the right partners were to make this a
winning season for everyone," said Larry Witherspoon, Director of Information Systems at Safeco Field. "MICROS provided the most flexible and
manageable solution to handle all the stadium's high-volume requirements for food and beverage purchases. Safeco Field selected the MICROS system
because of its ability to provide a single solution for all outlets, and selected SCO UNIX® as the operating system platform because of the phenomenal
track record of reliability and price performance of UNIX® on Intel."

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