December 11, 2003

SCO v Linux et al - new view, unasked questions

Charles Thompson writes "Short that raise new perspectives on SCO v Linux --- and questions that may reshape the process and events.

The recent IBM ruling and reports of investment bankers renegotiation highlight the need to re-examine the responses to SCO.

Rarely does a business process so vividly illustrate the pandemic confusion of our times as SCO versus Linux and the General Public License.

Using markets, media and courts to enforce their claims and demands, no one seems quite sure just what SCO is really up to or why. Is this a genuine pursuit of rights, or a bare fisted marketing plan served up in notice letters and lawsuits?

As mysterious as SCO might be, responses from the Linux community are curiously lacking basics that, if they are being pursued, are unreported in arenas I watch."



  • Linux
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