February 10, 2006

SCO's discovery-go-round keeps spinning

Anonymous Reader writes "Well, you have to give The SCO Group Inc. credit for persistence, if nothing else. In recent weeks, SCO has expanded its search to find evidence that it might be able to use in its case against IBM. After what has seemed like an endless series of discovery motions, SCO's latest demand, dated February 1st, is date that IBM once more be required to deliver information to SCO that will allow the Unix company to "assess the issues and damages at the heart of this case." Specifically, SCO wants documents showing IBM's AIX, Dynix, and Linux revenues and profits; IBM's internal numbers on its market share for each of these operating systems; and how many IBM customers have migrated from Unix to Linux. If you seem to recall that SCO already has faced a final deadline for discovery, you're correct."

Link: Linux-Watch

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