February 25, 2004

SCO's year of living litigiously

It's never a good sign for the tech sector when some of its biggest news involves lawyers, but that's been the situation
so far this year.

The Recording Industry Association of America is leading the way again with a fresh round of lawsuits against 531 individuals accused of uploading
music files to file-sharing services.

This time around, though, the RIAA isn't going it alone. Other companies -- most notably Microsoft and SCO Group -- are
pulling pages from the RIAA's legal playbook and sending threatening letters to individuals they allege have infringed on their intellectual property

The RIAA and Microsoft are getting the headlines right now (especially with the RIAA itself being countersued under federal racketeering laws), but
from what I've heard, the biggest lawsuit of the year thus far is about to be filed.

Link: money.cnn.com

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