April 1, 2003

Scyld Computing and OSDgroup offer Beowulf Training

John Weathersby writes "Oxford, MS/Annapolis, MD March 31, 2003 The Open Source Development Group,
Inc, (www.osdgroup.com) and Scyld Computing Corporation (www.scyld.com) have
formed a strategic alliance to provide training programs for Beowulf clustering
The initial Scyld Beowulf training program focuses on installation, configuration
and administration of Beowulf clusters, said Richard Kuebler, VP of sales
and marketing for OSDgroup, an open-source training and custom courseware
development company.  This multi-day course is designed for both users
and administrators who are either constructing or maintaining a cluster.
The direct involvement of the Scyld technical team also enables us to address
the needs of any level of support and training for Beowulf clusters of any
size or complexity.

Beowulf, and Beowulf clustering are terms that describe a technique of connecting
commodity computers together using a modified version of the Linux operating
system to create a High Performance Computer.  Started in 1993 by Donald
Becker of Scyld Computer Corporation and Thomas Sterling, early development
was sponsored by NASA.  In 1997 Beowulf clusters broke the ten billion
operations per second mark, and today can perform over 200 billion operations
per second.  There are currently tens of thousands of Beowulf clusters
installed in government, educational and commercial facilities.  

Beowulf clustering technology has established a firm foothold in many sectors
of government, research and corporate IT environments, said Scyld founder
and Chief Technical Officer, Donald Becker.  As more agencies, institutions
and corporations build and implement Beowulf clusters, so grows the demand
for quality training programs.  To meet this demand, Scyld has leveraged
its expertise in clustering technologies to develop Beowulf cluster training
programs that we will implement through OSDgroup.

For additional scheduling, pricing or general information on Scyld Beowulf
cluster training contact Richard Kuebler at rkuebler@osdgroup.com or visit
the OSDgroup website at www.osdgroup.com, telephone 662.236.1794.  For
additional information on Scyld Computer Corporation, please visit www.scyld.com.

About Scyld Computing Corporation

Scyld Computing Corporation is the leading developer of next-generation Beowulf
cluster operating systems.  Donald Becker, founder and CTO, and other
Scyld developers are known in the Linux community for their extensive contributions
to the Linux kernel.  Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Scyld is a privately
held company.  For additional information, please visit www.scyld.com.

About OSDgroup

The Open Source Development Group is a custom training and courseware provider. 
OSDgroup provides training solutions for a variety of open-source software
programs including: Linux, Security Enhanced Linux, Apache and Beowulf Clustering.  
For additional information, please visit www.osdgroup.com.

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Link: osdgroup.com

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