August 5, 2003

Scyld Computing Offers Beowulf Cluster Training

Richard Kuebler writes "Scyld Computing Offers Beowulf Cluster Training. Scyld Computing Corporation ( is offering Beowulf cluster training. Donald Becker will conduct the next two classes at Scyld's Annapolis, MD location and Penguin Computing's San Francisco, CA site. Mr. Becker is known throughout the international community of operating-system developers for his contributions to networking software. In addition, Becker was one of the founders of the Beowulf effort, which is the cornerstone for commodity-based high-performance cluster computing.

Class Dates and location:

Aug. 20-21: Scyld Computing, 914 Bay Ridge Road, Suite 220, Annapolis MD 21403.

Sept. 24-25: Penguin Computing, 965 Mission Street, Suite 730, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Course Description:

Building and Using a Beowulf Cluster
2 days $1195

A two day course on designing, constructing, and using a Beowulf cluster. This course covers everything from the history of Beowulf clusters to tools used for parallel programming.

Topics Covered Include:

Day One:

Introduction to Beowulf cluster terminology and basic concepts Cluster design considerations and software installation Description of cluster components and how they are used Basic cluster operation.

Day Two:

÷ Compiling and running parallel applications

÷ System administration including adding new nodes, checking the status of nodes, changing boot mechanisms, setting up filesystems, updating software,

÷ Creating and running programs and parallel programming


This course is intended for both cluster users and administrators interested in constructing and maintaining a cluster for developing and running parallel applications. Some Linux experience is helpful, but not required.

Our course format is based on an instructor led classroom that includes a lecture, hand-outs, and demonstration sessions on a Beowulf cluster.

The training program can be tailored to meet specific customer needs and skill levels. We regularly offer training on both the east and west coasts that anyone
can attend.

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, on-site and off-site training can be scheduled for groups of eight or more. If you don't have a large enough group, we can add you to our waiting list and let you know when a course becomes available. Contact for availability."


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