May 20, 2004

SD Companies offer Comprehensive Linux Training

Casey Boyles writes

"San Diego, CA -- May 18, 2004 -- Local Computer Training Companies Blue Star Learning, and Servin Corporation are teaming up to offer a series of Linux Training Courses designed to reduce IT costs for San Diego Corporations.

The training courses held at the Blue Star Learning Sorrento Valley Location are designed to teach IT staff how to migrate their expensive proprietary IT Infrastructures to a lower cost, open source Linux infrastructure. The courses will not only teach migration strategies, but will also carry IT staff further into the Linux environment by teaching IT staff how to administer the Linux Environment, develop software, and drivers for the Linux Environment, and how to deploy Open Source Office and Desktop solutions.

"Our ultimate goal is to show San Diego companies that they can save thousands of dollars a year in IT costs by investing in an Open Source IT solution" said Casey Boyles, Marketing Director for Blue Star Learning. "We are excited to see an increase in demand..." said Norman McEntire, President of Servin Corporation. "Clearly, more and more companies are realizing the benefits of running operations on reliable, stable Linux systems."

Training Courses include Linux Administration, Linux Software Development, Linux Internals and Driver Development, and Linux Kernel Development. Training courses will begin in June. You can find more information about the training courses on the Blue Star Learning website, For further information about the Linux Training courses please contact Casey Boyles at 858-622-1201 or

Best Regards,
Casey Boyles
Director of Marketing
Blue Star Learning


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