February 17, 2004

Se habla open source?

A small team of developers in Rwanda was just beginning work on a project to produce a localized version of OpenOffice, an open-source alternative to
Microsoft's market-leading productivity software, when they realized they had a problem.

Kinyarwanda, the language spoken by most Rwandans, has no words for many basic technical and computing terms, including the very word "computer,"
explained Steve Murphy, organizer of the project. After debating
The language spoken by most Rwandans has no word for "computer." After considering the use of an English or French term, the Rwandan developers
created their own: "mudasobwa," which roughly means "something or someone that does not make mistakes."

whether to borrow English or French terms or come up with their own native word, the group settled on "mudasobwa," which roughly translates to
"something or someone that does not make mistakes."

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