April 11, 2006

Secure Centralized Server to Preserve Information.

Raffaello writes "ANDXOR Corporation www.andxor.com has successfully released its best security server “KryptoEvolution” on Linux Operating system.

“KryptoEvolution” is a secure centralized digital signature and encryption server and it is also available on FreeBSD and Solaris 10.

Already integrated in FileNet P8, SUN Portal Server and Kofax ASCENT, it can be easily integrated into any custom existing application using ANDXOR multiplatform API, WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) interface or using a transparent solution as DataEvolution (ANDXOR multiplatform software).

Documents, images, invoices, e-mail, contracts, personal medical information, crucial information and national archives together with their metadata can now be transparently and securely preserved in the long term thanks to KryptoEvolution and DataEvolution.

Using KryptoEvolution you can achieve a robust legal evidence of authenticity, confidentiality and presence in time to use it as a proof to any third party using their standard and open sources tools.

For more information on KryptoEvolution please visit www.andxor.com/kryptoevolution.html or send an email to infousa@andxor.com ."

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