December 16, 2005

Secure FTP Goes Beyond Traditional FTP

Michael Boriskin writes "(New York, USA) – One of the earliest file transfer
protocols developed for the Internet – ftp – is still one of the
simplest, most convenient and fastest methods of exchanging files between
clients and servers. But with the growth of the World Wide Web and broadband
networks, there has been increased demand for more secure protocols, meaning
that the advantages of ftp are often lost. Now a small but rapidly growing
company is determined to make it not only more secure, but more reliable
and easier to use.

Until now, highly secure high-speed file exchange protocols
have been available primarily to Internet service providers (ISPs), since
for most users they are generally too costly and difficult to configure
and use. FastTrackSofthas
devoted significant development resources to enhancing the security of
ftp while bundling in a range of enhanced protocols and functions with
a highly usable, drag-and-drop user interface to make secure file transfer
possible for a broader market.

I don’t think ftp is destined for extinction,
says Michael Boriskin, vice-president of FastTrackSoft.
On the contrary: ftp is a great protocol for file transfer. By improving
its functionality and designing a better interface than you’ll find in
other ftp clients today, you can ensure that ftp will continue to have
a robust future
.” The new release of FastTrackFTP
($39.95), which is aimed at both the professional and home user, includes
several significant improvements over basic ftp that are devoted to security
and safety of confidential data, encryption and checksum file transfer.

provides full support for Shell
, FTPS (File Transfer
Protocol using SSL)
(Secure File Transfer Protocol)
and other protocols, without requiring
additional installation or a connection to external libraries. Thus, all
data traffic is encrypted so that login information cannot be intercepted.

includes all current security standards, such as SSL/TLS,
, and keyword encryption. It supports multithreading
data transfer, packet and file synchronization, scripting, and 128-256
bit encryption.

About FastTrackSoft

FastTrackFTPis the flagship product of FastTrackSoft,
a private company founded in 2005. The company provides a number of software
products for both commercial and non-commercial users. Other FastTrackSoftproducts provide solutions in the areas of Internet technologies, communications,
data encryption and secure file transfer. Email clients, newsreaders, offline
browsers and backup managers are among the company’s other offerings.

New product information is available at

Michael Boriskin




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