November 21, 2002

Secure your Samba shares

RAV AntiVirus Press Center writes "Linux is a dedicated environment, and evidently appreciates dedicated utilities.
For those relying on Linux for the management of their file servers, GeCAD
Software created RAV AntiVirus for Samba (UNICES), to help them protect valuable

RAV AntiVirus for Samba (Linux) is, as the name describes it, an antivirus
product 100% dedicated to Linux, protecting file servers from viruses and other
malwares, regardless of the systems targeted. Due to integration of a cutting
edge technology named âtotal platform independenceâ, RAV engine detects all
malwares, be it for Windows, Linux or other OS. This is very important, never
mind useful, especially when samba shares are used on a file server.

RAV AntiVirus for Samba (Linux) scans on open and on close all files copied to
or accessed from samba shares. Completely configurable using command lines, the
antivirus provided by GeCAD Software runs as a service, and is designed to use
an internal cache for recently used files, technology that increases speed when
the on access scan is performed. Speed is also optimized due to the Integrity
Checker technology within the engine that increases the detection speed with
more than 50%.

Given that file servers are particularly demanding when it comes to protection
measures for the stored files, an antivirus comes as a must on such systems. The
advantage of server shares is that the stored files are being backed up
periodically. The major downside consists in the mere nature of shares, which
are available to some users in the network for creating/modifying files. If a
file is infected, the virus will spread to the other files on the server. From
there on, the infection is hard to control. If RAV AntiVirus for Samba (Linux)
is installed on that server, the on access scan will detect the infected file
and clean/delete/block it, avoiding the spreading and any virus inflicted

About RAV AntiVirus

RAV AntiVirus is a reliable, proprietary engine antivirus, produced by GeCAD
Software and distributed in over 100 countries on all continents. RAV family
also includes RAV AntiVirus Desktop, RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers and RAV
AntiVirus MailFilter. All RAV products use the total platform independent RAV
engine, which now detects nearly 74,000 virus signatures."


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