May 30, 2001

Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution

Author: JT Smith

Ted Nackad writes: "

OpenNA, Inc. (, announced
today the availability of "Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution",
the latest version and the successor to "Securing and Optimizing
Linux: Red Hat Edition

The latest release includes the new 2.4 kernel with IPTABLES NetFilter, Sendmail,
Qmail, IMAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, OpenLDAP, Apache, with SSL support and many
more topics like chroot jail environment for the majority of all important services
under Linux OS. The new edition takes into account the feedback we received
on the original book and is a complete rewrite from scratch.

Mastering security with Linux and getting the maximum out of your system have
never been easier. The latest edition of this popular book about Linux security
and optimization has been written and achieved with tightening security to an
incomparable level in mind. One of its main features is the easy path from beginning
to end in a smooth manner, step by step for beginners as well as for experts.

Many web sites are open to all sorts of "Web Hacking". According to the Computer
Security Institute and the FBI's joint survey, 90% of 643 computer security
practitioners from government agencies, private corporations, and universities
detected cyber attacks last year. Over $265,589,940 in financial losses
was reported by 273 organizations.

Cracking cost dearly besides being aggravating and frustrating. Sharing hands
on experience and the know how of years of research and study will make developers,
managers, and system administrators sleep better.

For all who read the introductory book, this is the thesis for success.


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