September 7, 2011

Security Advisories for Wednesday

CentOS has issued the 6-month notification for C4: End Of Life.

Fedora has updated rubygem-actionpack (F15; F14: multiple vulnerabilities), rubygem-activesupport (F15; F14: cross-site scripting), F14: ca-certificates (certificate removal), F14: libsndfile (arbitrary code execution), F14: dhcp (denial of service), and F14: pidgin (denial of service).

openSUSE has updated coreutils (command injection), otrs (arbitrary file access), squid (buffer overflow), rsyslog (denial of service), and dhcp (denial of service).

Red Hat has updated RHEL5: kernel (multiple vulnerabilities), RHEL4: gstreamer-plugins (multiple vulnerabilities), RHEL4: seamonkey (certificate removal), RHEL4,5&6: thunderbird (certificate removal), and RHEL4,5&6: firefox (certificate removal).

Slackware has updated firefox (certificate removal), thunderbird (certificate removal), and seamonkey (certificate removal).

SUSE has updated squid3 (buffer overflow).

Ubuntu has updated firefox & xulrunner (certificate removal).

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