Security lessons for IT managers from Paris Hilton


Author: Roger Smith

The news that Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile Sidekick mobile phone account had been broken into and hackers have posted a copy of the hotel heiress’s personal address book on multiple Web sites, listing the phone numbers and email addresses of more than 500 of her showbiz pals — including Eminem and Christina Aguilera — is bound to strike fear in both the young hotel heiress’s eclectic group of celebrity friends and IT managers tasked with protecting the personal data of customers with — ahem — active lifestyles.

Ms. Hilton, who has the perhaps undeserved reputation for being a social butterfly, was either the victim of a hack (the odds-on favorite at the moment being one that “guessed” the password name of her little dog Tinkerbell to gain access to her address book) or a more sophisticated phishing attack.