December 15, 2001

Security measures: Linux vs BSD

Author: JT Smith

From ZDNet Australia: "I hear a lot of discussion about how superior Linux is to Microsofts
operating systems. Certainly, there are many more attacks targeting
Windows and IIS platforms.
A good case can also be made that Linux is inherently more stable and
secure than Microsoft products, either because its based on a better
core of code or because its open source, and many individuals have a
stake in monitoring and making repairs.
[trlogo_color.gif] However, with all this discussion, there rarely
seems to be any mention of an even more secure and completely free
version of UNIX: BSD. While Linux is the darling of the hacker set, it
is far from the least expensive or even the most secure open source
operating system available. Linux isnt even running on the widest
range of systems. All three of those distinctions belong to an
academically developed version of UNIX that originated at the
University of California, Berkeley and whose various versions are
often referred to collectively as BSD (Berkeley Software


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