Seen at LinuxWorld Expo: Day one

Pictures from the LinuxWorld
— people, places and things — that you’d see if you were here,
starting with
the entrance to San Francisco’s Moscone
, where it’s being held.

Penguin Love

Veritas had penguin-costumed women handing out flyers outside the Moscone Center entrance. This penguin is getting a last-minute briefing and pep


Inside, just before 10 a.m., Linux fans lined up to enter the exhibit
hall. It
was a nice-sized mob.

It’s all good! Trust me!

A Novell pitchman pitching Novell products. All the big commercial software and hardware companies have little “theater” areas where they give
regular presentations. The wireless headset is very “in” this
year among people giving these little shows.

Hiding from their masses of fans

Rob ‘CmdrTaco’ Malda and Jeff ‘Hemos’ Bates of Slashdot enjoy a quiet
moment away from the show floor.

Meet your favorite developers

If you’ve used PostgreSQL, you’re familiar with Josh Berkus’s work.
He’s one
of the project’s top developers. (We’ll have more photos of noted open
and free software developers tomorrow and the next day.)

More on page 2…More CPUs per square foot of floor space

This massive blade server-filled rack from Rackable took the award for most
innovative hardware. (Complete
list of LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards winners

“No way I can say IANAL”

Larry Rosen, OSI counsel, NewsForge contributor, and author of “Open Source
Licensing: Software Freedom
and Intellectual Property Law” (Prentice Hall, 2004).

Still at least one funny hat

LinuxWorld has gone corporate. Young hackers with green
hair, piercings, and a fandom clubhouse feeling as strong as you’d
expect from a
Star Trek convention are gone, replaced by hordes of company spokesbeings in
matching outfits. But diehard Los Angeles Linux booster Clay Claiborne, a long-time
LinuxWorld fixture, showed up in a funny hat. Thanks, Clay, for keeping the
spirit alive.

Nine ball to the corner penguin

There are always after-hours parties. This one, held right in the Moscone
Center, had lots and lots of games. These pool players started early —
4 p.m. The clacks of active air hockey competition and thwacks of foosball
mingled with the pool balls’ endless clicking.

Serious doesn’t always mean sober

Besides parties, there are after-hours panels. This one, sponsored by
Dell and
Intel and moderated by Dan Kusnetzky, drew a nice little crowd of
journalists and
analysts away from the convention hall to the Four Seasons Hotel a few
away on Market Street @ 5:30 p.m. Linux was discussed. Free food and booze
followed the panel discussion. I’m not saying a well-catered buffet and
an open
bar are the best way to attract journalists, but they never hurt.

And so to bed. More LinxWorld Expo stories and photos tomorrow…