September 14, 2005

SEITENBAU GmbH to resell Cams Web SSO in Germany

Gary Gwin writes "San Diego, CA, September 13, 2005 - Cafésoft announced today
that it will partner with SEITENBAU GmbH, which will be the exclusive
value added reseller of the company's Cams web single sign-on
and access management software for Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Cams is a secure, flexible and affordable web single sign-on and
security policy server software solution that centralizes web application
security across Apache, IIS, SunONE and J2EE application servers,
such as BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss and Tomcat.

"We're excited to partner with SEITENBAU to promote and sell
Cams in the Germanic countries," said Gary Gwin, Cafésoft
president and CEO. "SEITENBAU has a successful track record
supplying world-class web projects to government agencies in Germany,
Switzerland and Austria. Cams will provide SEITENBAU with a web
security software solution to more securely, quickly and cost-effectively
implement projects and get them into production for their customers."

Cams makes sites more secure and manageable by centralizing web
application security policy decisions and management, rather than
implementing security within each web application or server. This
centralized approach to web security enables companies to reduce
development and administration time, complexity and costs, while
improving time-to-market, site security and software life-cycle
flexibility. Cams also provides web single sign-on to eliminate
the cost, risk and pain associated with multiple user accounts and
sign-ons for the same site.

The Cams service oriented architecture deploys into heterogeneous
environments with an architecture that scales for high-volume sites.
The lightweight, Java-based Cams policy server is easy-to-install
and configure in small to large enterprise environments. Cams offers
an industry leading approach to user directory integration with
Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP servers, SQL databases and more.
Other product features include:

  • Web single sign-on to web and J2EE application servers
  • Access control based on roles (RBAC), HTTP query parameters,
    database values, date/time, location and custom rules
  • Simplified and centralized security policy administration
  • Security event logging, analysis and real-time notification
  • Flexible customizations via open APIs
  • Cross-platform support including Windows 2000 and 2003, Linux
    and Solaris

As an expert in web-based solutions, SEITENBAU works in many
heterogeneous customer environments, said Stefan Eichenhofer,
chief information officer for SEITENBAU GmbH. With Cams we
found a highly flexible, absolutely secure and affordable web security
software solution, which covers the security requirements and standards
of our customers. The strategic partnership with Cafésoft
will enable us to quickly develop a new web security business practice
and find new customers. We believe that there is a huge market for
Cams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A free Cams Tour download is available on Cafésoft's web
site at The Cams Tour is the best way to
learn about Cams terminology, architecture and web application security
in general. SEITENBAU has also created a Cafésoft German
site for customers at,
where the Cams Tour is also available. Cams software licenses are
available starting at $2,995. Evaluation licenses, which include
access to the production Cams policy server and Cams web agents,
are available upon request.

Since 1996 SEITENBAU GmbH has provided an intelligent approach
for deploying systems and applications on the Internet, intranets
and extranets. With headquarters in Konstanz, Germany, the company
employees over 40 skilled professionals at locations in Konstanz
and Cologne. SEITENBAU's core focus is government business, which
has driven continued employee growth and profitability since 1997.
More information is available at

Cafésoft develops and markets Cams, which is a secure, flexible
and affordable web single sign-on and access management software
solution. Businesses around the world use Cams to give employees,
customers and partners secure access to protected web applications
and resources on the internet, intranets and extranets. By using
Cams, customers: 1) improve time-to-market; 2) reduce development,
support and training costs; 3) enable secure business relationships;
4) improve security compliance and accountability; and, 5) simplify
security implementation and management. Headquartered in San Diego,
California, Cafésoft is a private company founded in March
of 1996. More information can be found at

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Cafésoft is a trademark of Cafésoft, LLC. All other
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