May 11, 2006

Sendla OS Kernel to be Open Source

Stevenup7002 writes "Newcomer Operating System "Sendla OS" is to be released as open source in July 2006. For those of you who havn't heard of Sendla, we will include some information about it taken from our website.Sendla OS is an os specifically designed to have major stability, it is also designed to be able to run: Windows programs, Mac os programs, Linux programs, DOS programs, Beos programs, Unix Programs and many more. Sendla OS is designed to have major security systems running and an included antispyware engine, We are also making 3 modes with it ( Begginner, Advanced and Command) The beginner mode will help new users check their email, play a game of cards, and maybe browse a few websites, and write a document, Whilst the advanced mode will have administrive options to change, add drivers and install new programs, along with the command mode which will be like the MS DOS prompt in windows. The beginner mode will also feature a jargon buster to help beginners with error messages. These are what we have planned for the os, but for now we are mainly focusing on the stability of the kernel. What would be the point in Ease of use if you can't use the thing at all? At the time of writing Sendla OS is just a simple command prompt with obvious commands. Sendla wasn't going to be open source at first but I thought, why should people have to wait for bugs to be fixed, they can fix it themselves. Or they can have parts of the kernel in their own os. We will not make a buggy browser and buggy software for the os. We will use ready made software that people are used too like firefox, thunderbird, gaim etc. To avoid a misunderstanding, its the kernel that will be open source. However the GUI will not. We still have a top secret gui look in the works so the gui's you will see in alpha's and betas will only be a smudge like the gui for the full version. Motron Software is an Anti-Microsoft company, we will not have any Microsoft activity in our company (although we will have support for windows based programs). This is not a wannabe linux, we respect linux thoroughly. If you want to be a main developer for sendla, contact me through MSN messenger on ""

Thanks for reading,
-Steven O'Brien,
President and CEO of Motron Software"


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