September 10, 2003

September Issue of php|architect Released -- in print

fuzzygroup writes "Announcing the September 2003 Issue of php|architect.
This month: Beating hackers, bug management, advanced databases, printing with PHP and much, much more!
We're happy to announce the September issue of php|architect, which will be available for download on Monday, September 8th. Here are some highlights:
  • Secure PHP

From SQL injection, to path traversal, to weak authentication, to cross-site-scripting, David Jorm offers up examples, tests, and patches to cinch up security and beat the hackers on your next project.

  • Introduction to Bug Management

Bugs are a fact of life.  Stop denying it, and get with the program - a bug management program, that is.  This month, Dejan Bosanac helps us understand the steps involved in effective bug management, and examines a couple of tools to help us get the job done.

  • Printing with PHP

If you run PHP on Windows, the printer extension makes it very easy to create very complicated printed page layouts.  These might include reports, graphics, or very simple text dumps.  Join Alessandro Sfondrini as he takes you on a whirlwind tour of this powerful and oft-forgotten part of PHP.

  • Installing Java for PHP

Join our resident Java-guy, Dave Palmer, on another journey through his neck of the woods.  This time, Dave explains exactly how to install and configure Java on your Windows or Linux box.  Consolidating much of the information found elsewhere, this article is a must-read for those considering using Java with PHP.

  • Creating a Reusable Menu System with XML and PHP

Virtually any modern website requires a menu, so why make it hard on yourself?  Using object orientation, XML, and Smarty templates, Leon Vismer walks you through the creation of a simple, reusable, and extensible system for displaying menus.

  • Advanced Database Features Exposed

Often developers get into a technological rut.  Timelines, pointy-haired bosses, and fear of the unknown can often make it hard to move your know-how to the next level.  In this article, Davor exposes some of the more advanced database features at a high level, showing how you might use them, and why.

As always, you can visit our website for a free sample article from this month's issue.

It's not too late!
This is our first issue to go out both in print and electronically. The print edition has been printed and will be on its way to our subscribers on September 8th as well. That means you're still on time! If you would like to receive the print edition of the September issue, you have just a few more days to subscribe!"


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