Serendipity 0.7 Release, the best PHP Blog Engine

Jannis Hermanns writes “The Serendipity team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Serendipity 0.7.

Serendipity is a PHP-powered weblog application, aiming at giving you an easy
way to maintain your own individual diary or personal homepage.

The development of Serendipity is based upon offering a flexible, expandible
and easy-to-use framework. We use a sophisticated Plugin architecture,
affecting both the appearance of your blog and its core features. It ships with
a variety of plugins (31 bundled with the distribution) to plug-and-play with
your blog.

WordPress/Textpattern users might favor Serendipity because of its vast
functionality and flexible expandability without the hassle to edit core files.
Moveable-Type users might appreciate the fact of our BSD-style licensing and
the speed and functionality of dynamically generated pages.

Serendipity offers all of the following features and many more:

————————————————- —————————-

* WYSIWYG-Editor
* Image and File-Asset-manager
* multiple users
* threaded comments, comment+trackback moderation
* nested categories, post to multiple categories
* XML-RPC interface to Blogger and MT-API
* powerful Plugin API to both affect custom sidebar items as well as ‘event
    hooks’ to trigger any kind of custom functionality nearly anywhere inside
* dynamic page generation with ‘pretty URLs’
* track- and pingback autodiscovery,
* multiple database support (MySQL, MySQLi, PostgreSQL, SQLite)
* can be used as shared library to host multiple blogs
* effective anti-spam-measurements (automoderation, captchas,…)
* Skinable via structured CSS-elements
* Standards compliant: XHTML, CSS2, RSS 0.93/1.0/2.0, Atom 0.3, Conditional get
    support for XML-Feeds
* Flexible input: Choose between entering HTML, Textile, Wiki and/or BBCode
    markup, even for user-made comments
* Can import RSS-feeds to ease up migration
* Easy upgrading and updating without having to mangle with SQL-files
* Internationalization (German, English, Danish, Czech, partially: French,
    Dutch, Portuguese…) – easy language addition/translation
* Open Source license: BSD-style

To wrap it up: Serendipity can do anything you want to get done with a blog, as
easy as that. If you want more information, visit our Wiki on

The latest 0.7 release vastly improves the featurebase of Serendipity.

A complete list of changes for this release can be found in our NEWS file,
located in our CVS Repository. Here are the most important changes since 0.6:

————————————————- —————————-

* Threaded comments (viewmode can be toggled by the visitor), comment+trackback
* Post to multiple categories
* Nested categories
* Configuration in native language of the blog, uses your Browser’s language
    settings for auto-detection
* Multi-User interface with three userlevels: ADMIN, CHIEF-EDITOR and EDITOR.
    Assign entries and categories to individual users.
* Categories can have icons associated to them
* Image manager can now handle other file formats and subdirectories
* Redesigned admin interface for editing entries, searching/filtering entries
    now possible
* MySQLi and SQLite support
* iconv engine will be used for UTF-8 conversion, where available
* All core images can now be altered via the templating mechanism

————————————————- —————————-

* NEW serendipity_event_spamblock: Many anti-spam measurements, including
    captchas and link-checking.
* NEW serendipity_plugin_remoterss: Embed a foreign RSS or OPML-bloroll feed
    within your blog
* NEW serendipity_event_karma: Per-Entry uservoting, per-entry clickstatistics
* NEW serendipity_event_entrylinks: Show incoming/outgoing links for the
    detailed article view
* NEW serendipity_event_blogpdf: Export your full blog, a specific article, a
    specific category or a whole month to PDF
* NEW serendipity_event_livesearch: Enhances the ((Quick Search)) to show the
    results of the search on-the-fly
* NEW serendipity_event_searchhighlight: Highlights words of your entries for
    visitors which were refered from searchengines like Google, MSN,
* NEW serendipity_event_spamblock: Basic spam protection for comments, can be
    enhanced easily for your own filtering code.
* FIXED serendipity_event_bbcode: Can now pretty-print code/php blocks
* HTML Nuggets can be configured to only show up in article overview, article
    detail or both
* Plugin API: Plugins can register the event-hook ‘external_plugin’ to spawn
    individual content outside of the blog layout (see livesearch/blogpdf plugin)
* Plugin API: A sidebar plugin can now return false to instruct the plugin API
    to NOT display the item on a sidebar. Allows optional sidebar plugins to be
    only shown on specific parameters.
* Plugin API: Allow each sidebar plugin to get individual CSS classes

————————————————- —————————-

* New Templates: mt3-chalkboard, idea, mt-rusty

————————————————- —————————-

The update from a previous Serendipity release is easy: Download the latest
distribution, unpack it to your existing folder, open the Admin panel of your
blog, say hello to our update script and let it do its work. And then you’re
done! To be on the safe side, we suggest to make a backup of both your files
and database before.

————————————————- —————————-

The next version is already in active development. 0.8 already adds:

* theming flexibility by fully utilizing Smarty for all frontend HTML code,
* cache entries with their full markup (via plugin)
* better filesystem structure with more subdirectories
* support of “JustBlogIt” Extension
* SURBL Anti-Spam measurement
* Quicksaving entries, immediate file upload when creating an entry
* more flexible archive summary pages
* native WordPress/MoveableType import
* private/member/public entries
* sticky postings

And of course there’s even more to come as we wade through the list of
feature requests and user suggestions! Our ears are open for listening
to our users…

————————————————- —————————-

If you want to upgrade from a different blog application like Word Press or
Moveable Type, you can use the RSS import facility to preserve your entries.
Look at our Wiki on to see instructions.

Download the release at!

The Serendipity Team”