July 16, 2003

ServerBeach Offers Debian GNU/Linux for Hosted Customers

Dedicated, Self-Managed Hosting Provider Launches
Popular GNU/Linux Operating System.

SAN ANTONIO - July 15, 2003 - ServerBeach, the leading
provider of dedicated, self-managed hosting, has again led
the way for the discount dedicated hosting market by
announcing the immediate availability of Linux's popular,
non-commercial, operating system - Debian GNU Linux - on
ServerBeach's affordable Starter Servers and Power Servers.

Debian will be offered at no additional charge to
ServerBeach customers.

Debian is a popular and freely-available computer operating
system that provides an alternative to other GNU/Linux
offerings such as Red Hat and SuSE. Though still evolving,
Debian includes more than 8,700 bundled software packages
for a variety of technical and business uses. The operating
system is maintained by over 1,000 Debian developers who
collectively form the Debian Project.

Debian is deployed on approximately one-third of the total
GNU/Linux servers in use today. Debian proponents attribute
this rapid adoption to its ease of installation,
upgradability, administration, and operating system stability.

"Not only do we promise our customers quality hardware on a
reliable network, we listen closely to their needs," said
Richard Yoo, Big Kahuna, ServerBeach. "Many of them want
and appreciate the two driving forces behind Debian -
technical excellence and the commitment to free software.
We will continue to break ground by expanding our offerings
- commercial and non-commercial - so our customers will get
the best value and power of choice."

"It's time for Debian to be offered in the dedicated Web
hosting market," said Joey Schultze, Debian press attaché,
The Debian Project. ServerBeach's decision to provide
servers running the Debian GNU/Linux operating system
demonstrates the growing need for free and stable software.
We feel it's important that the entire Linux user
community have access to a high-quality, non-commercial

Dedicated hosted servers running Debian may be ordered
online at www.serverbeach.com.

About ServerBeach
Created by Rackspace Managed Hosting founder and Web hosting
pioneer, Richard Yoo, ServerBeach offers self-managed,
dedicated servers to resellers, small businesses and
technology hobbyists. Built on solid hardware, a reliable
network and burstable bandwidth, ServerBeach provides Linux
and Microsoft users with a low-cost dedicated server,
complete with a full set of developer's tools. ServerBeach
promises its customers quality hardware on a reliable
network backed by a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. For more
information, visit www.serverbeach.com.

About Debian
The Debian Project is an organization of free software
developers who volunteer their time and effort in order to
produce the completely free operating systems Debian
GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/Hurd. For more information, contact

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