April 22, 2008

Set up an Online Store using new Drupal e-Commerce Book

Author: JT Smith

Selling Online with Drupal e-Commerce is a new book from Packt which will help users to sell online using the award-winning open-source Drupal web application. Written by Michael Peacock, this book provides the essentials of getting an e-commerce website up and running with Drupal.Drupal is a free and open-source modular web application framework and content management system (CMS) written in PHP that can run in many environments; including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. Drupal e-Commerce is a free, open-source, feature-rich, flexible package of modules that seamlessly adds full e-Store capabilities to Drupal.

Drupal e-Commerce is the combination of Drupal, the award-winning Drupal 5 content management system and the e-Commerce package of modules that can be plugged into it, bringing a wealth of e-commerce functionality to the software. In this book users will learn how to use the Drupal Content Management System along with its e-Commerce modules to set up and manage an online shop. Users will learn to install the software, take a look at its features, plan and create their shop, look at customer management, create a design for their shop, and cover security, taxes, shipping, and even marketing their business!

The book starts with the basics of Drupal and then takes the users through the creation of an online shop, exploring Drupal further as needed. Only the features of Drupal relevant to the e-commerce application will be covered

This book is for people who want to start selling online as quickly as possible, and want to see how to use the proven Drupal platform to achieve this. The book is ideal for use in a small business with only basic in-house technical skills. It will also be useful for developers who not only want to create an e-commerce site but also want a CMS platform for expanding the site in the future. No prior knowledge of Drupal is required. No PHP experience is expected, although it will be useful. Basic knowledge of e-commerce will be useful, although the main concepts are introduced and covered as required.

For more details on the book please visit www.PacktPub.com/drupal-ecommerce/book

Link: packtpub.com


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