September 12, 2002

Set-top box embedded data management

Ted Kenney writes: "McObject, developer of in-memory database systems for Linux, has published the white paper "Data Management in Set-Top Box Electronic Programming Guides", examining the requirements and challenges encountered in this type of embedded systems application."

Within digital TV set-top boxes, the electronic programming guide (EPG) introduces significant data management demands. Through the EPG, television viewers can interactively browse, search and filter thousands of scheduled events, customize program listings and even control access to some content. To support these tasks, a handful of vendors have begun incorporating off-the-shelf database technology into their set-top boxes.

Yet not every database technology has proven an ideal fit for this demanding embedded environment. McObject's report reflects lessons learned in real-life set-top box EPG data management projects.

The paper√Ęs author, McObject Principal Architect Andrei Gorine, has led core data management projects for leading set-top box manufacturers. The paper encapsulates his knowledge of digital TV standards and the set-top box technology environment, EPG data management requirements, and typical data objects and interrelationships. For set-top box developers considering a database solution, this white paper can jump-start development and improve embedded software results.



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