April 10, 2001

Setting up Apache with mySQL

Author: JT Smith

LinuxNewbie has a step-by-step tutorial on setting up Apache with mySQL and Frontpage 2000 extensions:Sensei writes: "

- Any line starting with "#" is a command to be ran as root on your box.

- Any line starting with ">" is a configuration file entry in which the
">" can be ignored.

- Currently the method of order to get a working install is.

-- Install mysql.

-- Patch the Apache Source with Frontpage 2000 patch

-- A simple Apache configure (no make or install)

-- Configure make and make install PHP with apache and mysql support

-- Configure apache with activate module php4 and add module mod_fontpage.c
that was created from patch

-- Make and Make install Apache

-- Apply frontpage extensions to DocumentRoot using fpsrvadm.exe

1. download the following packages to /downloads

- apache_1.3.19.tar.gz - www.apache.org
- fp40.linux.tar.gz - www.rtr.com
- mysql-3.23.32.tar.gz - www.mysql.org
- php-4.0.4pl1.tar.gz - www.php.net

2. extract all packages in /download execpt
for frontpage which will need to extract to /usr/local

# tar zxfv apache_1.3.19.tar.gz
# tar zxfv fp40.linux.tar.gz -C /usr/local
# tar zxfv mysql-3.23.32.tar.gz
# tar zxfv php-4.0.4pl1.tar.gz

Check it out here"


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