June 27, 2001

Setting up BSD/OS: Installing the base OS

Author: JT Smith

8wire.com has the how-to article on setting up the fromer BSDi product. "This product offers many excellent installation options and features. The entire 'base' installation is
included on a single CD, and the source code is included on the optional Source CD-ROM. You can
choose a graphical (GUI) or text-based (command-line interface) installation. Automated hard disk
formatting does a 'disk wipe' and 'fdisk' prior to the installation. RSH (remote shell server)
compatible installation lets you install the OS across a network using one central Unix server. The
express configuration option installs a predetermined set of packages and partition sizes and is
perfect for a standard installation or the beginner. A custom installation option lets you install your
own choice of software packages."


  • Unix
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