August 9, 2002

Several MandrakeSoft events at LinuxWorld Expo

Gaël Duval writes: "Here are a few good reasons to meet MandrakeSoft at LinuxWorld Expo next week:
AMD's booth

This year AMD will be welcoming the Mandrakesoft team as partner on their booth. Hammer, AMD's new generation of 64-bits processor, and Mandrake Clustering (Clic project) will be in the spotlight.

Hammer demos

Demo of the Beta version of the upcoming Mandrake Linux 9.0 on Hammer. Use of X 32 bits server running KDE 3.02 64 bits and a Konqueror 64 bits navigator. This server will be linked to a Gigabit Ethernet network. There should also be a charge simulation of 5000 connexions.

Mandrake Clustering (Clic project) demos:

Use of a cluster of 4 Bi-Athlon XP/MP nodes with GeForce 4. Presentation of operations of nodes fast deployment from a server. Presentation of the Quake demo on multi screens. Presentation of Povray calculations using MPI or PVM technics which show that every node calculates and transmits the information.

HP's booth

On HP's booth, there will be demonstrations of the Bundle Premium, an OEM special offering built by HP and Mandrakesoft under a partnership agreement. This offering is based on HP's Evo desktops associated with Mandrake Linux Standard OEM Edition.

The Bundle Premium consists of 2 CDs and a 100-day per mail support. The first CD offers Mandrake Linux Standard OEM Edition, the second one is loaded with StarOffice 6.0, the reference office suite for Linux. This product is distributed via HP's worldwide network of resellers.

HP will also demonstrate 441 Project Community Computer concept, using the Mandrake Linux distribution. This concept is geared towards educational markets. It could potentially reduce the cost per seat dramatically by sharing the resources of one Evo desktop among 4 users.

IBM's booth

MandrakeSoft recently announced that it will distribute DB2, IBM's famous database software, with its server product. The combination IBM DB2 version 8/Mandrake Linux 8.2 will be exhibited on IBM's booth. This ideal low-cost e-Business solution is likely to open a new era of migration from other platforms.

We're looking forward to seeing you at LinuxWorld Expo!


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