June 24, 2003

SGI Altix 3000 with new Itanium 2 processor leads competition on HPC benchmarks

Anonymous Reader writes "SGI announced that its SGI® Altix(tm) 3000 servers and superclusters continue to deliver record performance on the next-generation Intel® Itanium® 2 processors (1.30 GHz with 3M L3 cache, and 1.50 GHz with 6M L3 cache, code-named Madison). In a series of HPC benchmarks, the SGI Altix 3000 family outperformed competing systems including IBM and HP, demonstrating a significant advantage in performance and scalability for systems ranging from 4 to 64* and even 128*processors. The results confirm that the SGI Altix 3000 system, driving a 64-bit Linux® operating environment, maintains its performance edge over competing architectures, including scalable SMP and small-node clusters. For more info, go to www.sgi.com/newsroom."

Link: sgi.com

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