January 29, 2001

SGI introduces suite of Linux solutions

Author: JT Smith

From PR Newswire: SGI (NYSE: SGI), a leader in high-performance multiplatform computing,
continues to bring its knowledge of and experience with the SGI IRIX
operating system to the Linux platform by delivering stable, reliable and
optimized Linux OS-based solutions that feature real-time performance and
realism for real data. SGI core technologies focus on customers' most
challenging problems characterized by the compute power they require, the vast
amount of data involved and the ability to visualize and interact in real-time
with the problem to solve it. SGI has introduced a suite of Linux OS-based
solutions for clustering, Internet, storage and database applications,
including SGI Internet Server for e-commerce, SGI Internet Server
Environment, SGI Advanced Cluster Environment for Linux, and
the SGI 1100 server. This new suite of SGI solutions is targeted toward
technical, creative and business professionals in the Internet, sciences,
manufacturing, government and education markets.
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