January 9, 2007

A shadow lies upon all BSD distributions

Or so it seems. I’ve written yesterday about the troubles that forced me to get the Gentoo/FreeBSD stages out of the mirrors, to feel safer and to avoid issues to the Gentoo Foundation that would get bit if there was a problem; today I was invited to join #gnu by mattl on Freenode (who was in turn invited to join #gentoo-dev by christel), and there I talked with ams (Alfred M. Szmidt), who agreed with me that the clause is way too vague (what would be considered “advertising material”? a poster? a booth at an expo? a website? a document explaining the installation procedure? an article on a magazine?), and to be safe we’d have either to get the permission from all the entities involved there, or list all the acknowledgements for all the entities (at least 110 if I have to depend on the quick’n’dirty grep I posted yesterday, but probably a lot more after seeing the files directly, see later on in this post). Both strategies are difficult to apply on both short and long terms.

Link: farragut.flameeyes.is-a-geek.org


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