ShaoLin Aptus – the Linux “Fit Client”


Author: ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd.

ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. writes “HONG KONG – September 9, 2004 – Now through December 31, 2004, ShaoLin Microsystems offers free download of their flagship product, ShaoLin Aptus – the Linux “Fit Client” enterprise desktop network computing environment. This allows users to download ShaoLin Aptus and use it at no cost.”We are delighted to offer an instant Linux enabling technology for free, we believe we can help users to deploy and manage small groups of Linux desktops easily without the problem of traditional Linux OS installation and management.” said David Chow, CEO of ShaoLin Microsystems. “There is also an increasing trend of using more than one Linux PC’s at home, or in small laboratories in which ShaoLin Aptus is a perfect solution in these environments”.

ShaoLin Aptus is a middleware that delivers the “Fit Client” network computing architecture by enabling a Linux server sharing its operating system and applications with multiple networked client PC’s simultaneously and transparently. Once ShaoLin Aptus is installed on a Linux server, all networked client PC’s can turn into the Linux-based fit clients in minutes without individual installations and even local hard drives. To help clients realize this benefit, ShaoLin Aptus package for up to 5 client can now be freely download from

To allow users to get free support, ShaoLin has opened up a forum for users to discuss and share their opinions of using ShaoLin Aptus with other users.”


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