August 20, 2002

ShaoLin Microsystems launches ShaoLin CogoFS

ShaoLin Microsystems writes: "ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd., a Linux-based systems and solutions developer, announced the release of ShaoLin CogoFS today at the 2002 San Francisco LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. ShaoLin CogoFS (Cogo File System) is a high-performance stackable compression file system for Linux; it reduces network traffic, file server load, and
disk-space usage. CogoFS uses a progressive compression technology for performance, reliability, and easy migration.

Previous systems that performed compression and decompression with slow CPUs on virtual-volume compression file systems may have been slow and unreliable. CogoFS does not use virtual volumes, it presents compressed files in your existing file systems as normal files. Corruption risk is minimal because compression is done on individual files. With today's fast CPUs, decompression speeds can easily outperform most uncompressed disks transfer speeds because the compressed file system will significantly reduce actual data transfer to and from the physically-slow hard disk media.

ShaoLin CogoFS does not manage disk blocks; it works transparently on top of all common file systems, even network-based file systems. CogoFS transfers compressed files over the network to decompress at the client kernel, so the server does not experience additional CPU load. The performance of the server and network is improved due to reduced disk I/O and lower network bandwidth usage. This innovative design benefits all network-based file access and transfers.

ShaoLin CogoFS uses ShaoLin's unique Kypertec compression engine which works in the kernel space with state-of-the-art memory management and CPU utilization. It fully utilizes multiple CPUs on SMP systems and is able to operate even in extremely low memory situations. The high compression ratio of ShaoLin CogoFS significantly lowers the amount of disk mechanical movements by reducing disk access to all compressed files, resulting in reduced power consumption and extended disk drive life.

About ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd.

ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. is focused on the creation and development of Linux-based systems and solutions. ShaoLin gives customers full command over their desktop computing networks with end-to-end software solutions based on our cutting-edge Linux kernel, file system, and network management technology. ShaoLin Microsystems was founded in 2000 with a mission to develop and market superior Linux-based solutions to multiply efficiency in organizations, increase productivity, and reduce costs. We believe our success relies on the capability to understand the needs and desires of customers and consistently deliver excellent products and services.We strive to provide customers the best solution based on our 3R strategy,the "Right thing at the Right time for the Right person".

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