August 5, 2002

ShaoLin participates in LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

ShaoLin Microsystems writes: "ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd., a Hong Kong Linux-based systems and solutions developer, will join the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, San Francisco 2002 during Aug 12-15 aimed to expand the business coverage, and bring ShaoLin's innovative Linux technology from Asia to America. Since Linux is a powerful and reliable open source operating system, it had already made inroads as a standard platform for servers and desktops in the enterprise. The goal of ShaoLin initiative is to provide the best Linux solutions to integrate all enterprise computing efforts into a low cost, reliable, secure, and manageable system.

In 2002, ShaoLin successfully developed Aptus, a simplified Linux workstation deployment and management solution for organizations which are planning Linux on the desktop. It is a Linux middle-ware that turns PC network into a "Fit Client" network, a powerful hybrid combining the central management and reliability of thin client, and the performance and flexibility of PC's. With ShaoLin's unique IUA technology, Aptus installed on a Linux server enables all desktops to run Linux in minutes, without the installation of Linux on the desktops at all. Users can keep using existing hardware to run most Linux distributions, drivers, and applications on the desktop, while increasing manageability and security. Aptus delivers zero-administration and high performance Linux workstations with central management in lowest running cost.

Only a week after, ShaoLin will announce the release of Cogo File System (CogoFS) at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, San Francisco. CogoFS is a high-performance stackable compression file system for Linux to reduce network traffic, file server load and disk space usage. It is a kernel compression technology which works transparently on top of all common Linux file systems for performance, reliability, and easy migration. CogoFS can transfer compressed files over network and decompress at the client kernel. The performance of the server and network is improved due to educe disk I/O and lower network bandwidth usage. CogoFS uses ShaoLin's powerful Kypertec compression engine which works in the kernel space with state-of-the-art memory management and CPU utilization. With its high compression ratio, CogoFS also significantly reduces disk access to all compressed files, resulting in reduced power consumption and extended hard disk life.

About ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd.

ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. is focused on the creation and development of Linux-based systems and solutions. ShaoLin gives customers full command over their desktop computing networks with end-to-end software solutions based on our cutting-edge Linux kernel, file system, and network management technology. ShaoLin Microsystems was founded in 2000 with a mission to develop and market superior Linux-based solutions to multiply efficiency in organizations, increase productivity, and reduce costs. We committed our 3R strategy, the "Right thing at the Right time for the Right person".

For more information, please come to view our live demonstration located at Booth #R2 in LinuxWorld Expo - San Francisco, during Aug 13-15, or visit our web site

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