August 22, 2007

Share your open source success story

Author: Staff

Has your organization migrated a key part of your IT infrastructure to Linux or an open source application? Share your success story with readers.

We like case studies of migration or implementation issues of enterprise scope. We're not looking for stories from individuals who've migrated to a Linux desktop.

Try to cover why you wanted to move away from your existing software, what alternatives you considered, why you picked the application you chose, what kinds of implementation problems you had and how you solved them, how things are going now, any cost-benefit or ROI numbers you can cite, and any recommendations you have for others who might be considering something similar. Include illustrative details that other organizations could benefit from.

Want a good example? Check out our article on Switching art students to GNU/Linux.

Ask us if we can use the story you have in mind before you spend time writing. If we give the go-ahead, see this page for more writing tips and an article template document. If we accept your story, we'll pay you $100 for it.


  • Migration
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