March 21, 2001

Sharp fall in demand for foreign workers

Author: JT Smith

This isn't exactly Open Source-related, but reader wagdog wrote us: "According to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the demand for
H1-B's has fallen sharply (story at CNet)
. The downturn in the tech industry
means that,

according to a story at
, there just isn't
as much demand for foreign IT professionals as the ITAA had led Congress to believe when
that the H-1B cap
was increased to 195,000 last October (see the press release posted at Unlike March of last year, the INS is nowhere near reaching the cap, according to the story from
H-1B workers caught in the recent spate of layoffs worry that they
may be
forced to leavethe U.S. if they cannot find work within 10 days of
being unemployed, as is required by the INS, reports This rule has been thrown
into doubt by an INS spokesperson claiming that foreigners can
stay in the U.S., reports, and look for work well beyond the 10 day limit (more from However, immigration lawyer Jose Latour is very
skeptical and worries that his clients may fall out of status and ineligible for Green Cards, according to a story on"


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