August 18, 2002

SharpDevelop 0.89 is out

fiffilinus writes: " Version 0.89 of SharpDevelop, the GPL IDE for.NET is out. Below you will find information about this release, but you will all most probably be interested in the fact that #develop now also supports mono for windows. Give it a spin!
  1. What's New in #develop.89
  2. Changes
  3. Where to Download
  4. Where to Report Bugs
  5. How Can I Help?

1) What's New in #develop.89

This release completes a major restructuring of the infrastructure and source code tree. Projects support backend bindings that are not targeting compilers, the object browser has much more functionality than before, folding was re-integrated and a new XML formatting strategy added (for details, see the Changes section). Our feature preview this time: a Windows Forms Designer. Take a look at the tech note and source code - if you have time to spare, help us make it a great open source implementation of a forms designer!

2) Changes

  • Initial implementation of a Windows Forms Designer (see How Can I Help)
  • Support for Mono on Windows: you can choose the C# compiler as well as the execution environment
  • Folding is re-integrated
  • XML formatting strategy
  • Object browser was refactored by Markus Palme
  • #develop help is integrated with a help browser
  • Project options dialog redesigned
  • Toolbar is now more functional
  • C# backend binding: treat warnings as errors passed to csc.exe
  • Parser refactoring and new parser data structures
  • NDoc works reliably in exe and source distributions
  • Namespace cleanups
  • Project browser refactoring allows for more varied backend bindings
  • Project file format changed to match new project subsystem

3) Where to Download
4) Where to Report Bugs ing.asp
5) How Can I Help?
The easy things you can do:

  • Tell your fellow developers about #develop
  • Report bugs
  • Put a link to #develop on your homepage (use docs\BuiltWithSharpDevelop.png)
  • Add the above button to your applications
  • When writing an article, use #develop and add screenshots
  • Publishers and training companies: add #develop to your CD's.

For developers that strive for a challenge:

Take a look at our Forms Designer implementation and the Tech Note (docs\TheFormsDesigner.sxw). There are a few "unsolved mysteries" that we need help with รข help us out, and we'll award free polos from our shop to the best submissions.

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