March 26, 2002

Shawn Gordon: We won't use the GPL for anything anymore

Anonymous Reader tells us this guest column on from theKompany's Shawn Gordon: "Since I started theKompany in August of '99, we've had a growing presense and influence on a variety of things Linux. Being the first real company that was focused on KDE brought with it joys and frustrations and now over 2 years later, iIve experienced a large amount of both ...

So what has happened in that time? Well, we've come out with a lot of software, and sold a lot of units. We've got supporters so ardent they would take a bullet for us, and detractors so vocal that it makes me want to give it up at times. The main source of frustration for me has typically centered on the GPL license and the common misunderstanding of it by the general masses in the Open Source world. Sure, the basic premise is clear, but it becomes a bit murkier the more detail you have to spend on it."


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