April 2, 2004

The Shell Game Continues

Chuck Talk writes "In what must have been an extremely frustrating interview, Stephen Vaughan-Nichols gathered an exclusive with two SCO Group executives at their headquarters in Lindon, Utah. That eWeek seems to be willing to give the SCO Group press play at a time when IBM is wisely silent may be more of a blessing than the SCO Group intends. Certainly, they should be allowed to open their mouths, for every time they do, I find more gems of opportunity.

Steven, thanks for giving us this latest piece of propoganda from the SCO Group perspective. It becomes clear to me that neither Darl nor Chris ever read Sun Tzu's The Art of War, for they are always saying things that could only make Homer Simpson look positively brilliant by comparison. It is clear early on that McBride and Sontag are very upset that they didn't get the copyrights to UNIX and UNIXWare, and they are hopping mad. That is good for Novell, bad for Caldera-SCO Group.

McBride asks the question of whether we would have bought an operating system without source code copyrights, but he never answers the question over whether the Santa Cruz Operation (not the current SCO Group, for they are Caldera) did just that. That is the central obfuscation that they have wanted to portray to the public, but it isn't working fellas. Interestingly, Sontag seems almost pitiful, outing about Novell waited nine years to tell them they didn't get what they thought they did. There is, of course, another catch with that line of thought, and that is that Caldera, now the SCO Group, only bought out the Santa Cruz Operation's UNIX and UNIXWare division two years ago, not nine years ago. I suspect the real SCO (Santa Cruz Operation) knew what they owned, and it isn't what Darl thinks it is."

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