July 29, 2008

Shell Script To Emulate A Thesaurus For Linux or Unix

Today's Linux/Unix bash shell script is for those of us who sometimes get lost for words. This happens to me at least a few times a day as I seem to talk, and type, way too much. Every now and again, I'll find myself facing a sentence that is not only redundant, but also seems to repeat its central message more than once ;) Sometimes redundancy is a good thing, though. If you've ever listened to an instructional or motivational speaker, you've probably noticed that a lot of them like to hit on the "rule of 3's" (sometimes 4's and 5's, with the annoyance factor increasing commensurate to the occurrence of repetition :) I, personally, try not to repeat myself ever (although, in writing about a thesaurus, I'm almost certainly doomed to some sort of meta-paradox).

Link: linuxshellaccount.blogspot.com


  • Linux
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