April 12, 2004

Ship of Fools

Chuck Talk writes ""The human race was dyin' out
No one left to scream and shout
People walking on the moon
Smog will get you pretty soon."

Lyrics from The Doors "Ship of Fools"

A lot of people may not remember the lyrics of that song from the late 1960's, but it could describe certain behavioral patterns that are allowed to go unchallenged and unopposed within Wall Street. One of those patterns is the ongoing pattern of blinders toward the incestuous relationships that create false value within companies that have been formed by those who have been skimmming profit by virtue of their position within industry.

The Mafia could have found no better admirers than the Wall Street analysts who have profited from being in the right place to take money from their investors in what I would call excessive skimming operations. When the Federal Government moved in to shut down the skimming operations in Casinos, the public hailed this as a positive move. Yet when the same sort of relationships are allowed to exist openly in public under a cover of legitimacy - no one dares to speak out, or to investigate fully the ongoing and obvious relationships that are creating artificial bubbles based upon nothing more than false analysis.

A case in point where there is obviously a very twisted relationship is within the stock TICC, or Technology Investment Capital Corporation, (traded on the NYSE) run by many of the executives of Royce & Associates. Royce & Associates were (and are) a major holder and initial promoter of the Caldera-SCO Group stocks to the public as a "Strong Buy" recommendation when Caldera-SCO Group were about to self-implode due to their own ineptitude and inability to make the difficult choices necessary to survive as a company, or to fail with grace and honor."

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