Shogo: MAD for Linux reviewed


Author: JT Smith

Avatar writes, “The Evil3D team is proud to announce its first game review has been posted today. The productivity destroyer: Hyperion’s Linux port of Shogo: Moblie Armored Division. Coverage includes single and multiplayer, weaponry, the 3D engine, and more. Here is a small snip: “The first person shooter game genre has been around for quite awhile now. It started with Wolfenstien 3D, and exploded with the likes of Doom, Doom II, and the Quake legacy. Then came the modifications, mods for short, which enabled game play beyond what was originally intended by the developer. Anime too has been around a long time, and has gained a sizable following. However, in Shogo: MAD the two giants have been put together. And well put together I might add.” The review can be found at