March 12, 2004

The Shot Heard Round the World

Chuck Talk writes "I would say that I told you so, but that would be just poor sportsmanship. I have often stated that Microsoft was behind the PIPE investment in the SCO Group in some form, and their collusion with the SCO group is now confirmed. I suppose that some paid analysts will say that they have the right to use their market influence and power to attack what they see as a threat.

I see things differently though. I know a leopard when I see one, and the fact that it acts tame when a whip is around doesn't mean that it won't bite. Lady Justice is blind, but just how long will she stay deaf and dumb as well? Has she also lost her sense of smell? The odor is foul from the stench of collusion and corruption, and someone has opened the sewer PIPE to fuel the litigation engine with muckraking bile from the bowels of bulls to the towers of finance.

Under a normal system of Justice, I would have expected a legion to descend upon the email systems of the mighty to ferret the moles from their dens. Chances are, as I suspect, that the mole has long since tunneled underground and headed for his reef. Was that a scudder reef, perhaps? His disappearance seems timed to the release of the now confirmed and re-iterated memorandum. His agents of deception can no longer deny their cooperative ploy; they are in the open, and can only play the hand they have been dealt."



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