September 18, 2001

Should all software be free?

Author: JT Smith

Kelly McNeill writes, "There is one argument from Richard Stallman, aka RMS, that I'm not sure I agree with, 'All software should be free.' Most free software is written in order to scratch someone's itch. It is written because the author wants a piece of custom software, and then decides to share. Commercial software is written for one primary reason only -- making money. Most companies writing software for the mass market do not want the company's software to be free (as in beer) because revenues would be severely hampered. On the other hand, how many hackers would be interested in the source code of 'Growing the Perfect Topiary'? I am of the opinion that device drivers should be free (as in speech) because nothing is gained from refusing access to a company's printer driver source code." From osOpinion.


  • Open Source
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