July 13, 2001

Should Gates, Oprah, and the Pope oversee the 'Net?

Author: JT Smith

PCWorld: "Americans want more rules to tame behavior on the Internet but are conflicted about handing over too much control to the
government, according to a recent study.

The study, conducted by the nonprofit Merkle Foundation, finds Americans expressing a host of often-contradictory opinions
about life in cyberspace.

While 63 percent of those surveyed, and 83 percent of Internet users, say they have favorable opinions about the Internet, 47
percent say they see it as a "source of worry." Leading concerns include pornography, violence, privacy, and lack of

More than half, 54 percent, say they believe they do not have the
same protections online as they did offline, and 59 percent say they
do not know who to turn to if they encounter a problem online."

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