July 10, 2002

Showdown in cyberspace: Star Wars vs. The Sims

"The hardcore gamers who make these games successful can usually obsess over only one game at a
time. There are only so many hours in a week, after all, and MMORPGs are nothing if not massively
time-consuming. (For this very reason, says Cole, "I think there is room for only a handful of these games in
each genre.") And because many gamers have long since established a social network on established
MMORPGs, it's unclear how these new titles can lure them away.

"I play Everquest currently and have for three years," says Jennifer Powell, an online community consultant
and freelance writer based in Colorado. "The only thing that would make me switch would be if all my friends
did, since my friends, including my husband, are the main reason I continue to play." More at Salon.com.


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