November 5, 2005

Showing Canada where it's at! Open Source apps

Guest writes "Montreal-based Aheeva Technologies Inc. presenting at Meet Asterisk™, helping Canadians discover open source IP PBX

Aheeva, innovative developer of open source PBX business applications, will present at Meet Asterisk seminars in Toronto and Montreal, November 9 & 11

November 3, 2005 (MONTREAL, QC) – Aheeva Technologies Inc., Montreal-based developer of innovative technology rooted in open source IP PBX, will share secrets of success at Meet Asterisk™, Astricon’s first Asterisk community event in Canada. During the o­ne-day seminars, offered by Ipsando and Digium, Aheeva professionals will discuss their experiences in developing successful business applications using Asterisk. Aheeva will be in Toronto o­n November 9 and in Montreal o­n November 11.

“Asterisk has provided Aheeva with a high-level of quality, and the ability to customize and upgrade inexpensively,” explains Georges Karam, Aheeva’s CEO. “Aheeva is now able to compete with both the quality of big telecom companies, as well as the price of contact centers in low-wage areas like India, Pakistan, and South America, saving their money o­n hardware and software instead of wages.”

Aheeva discovered Asterisk in March 2003, and following thorough research and evaluation, adopted Asterisk technology to develop a call center solution, with inbound capabilities, predictive dialer and quality monitoring tools to implement in its own contact center, Atelka.

In-house expertise and testing ground allowed Aheeva to fine-tune the application and later develop an effective workforce management solution, also based o­n Asterisk. Today, Atelka has grown to 400 seats and counting, with offices in Montreal and St. John, New Brunswick.

“Some prospective clients are afraid because it's open source," adds Mr. Karam. "But open source products can be faster and more reliable, because we have a great community of users contributing to these solutions."

Aheeva also sharing secrets of success at IP.4.IT
Digium Inc. has invited Aheeva to present a case study during the IP.4.IT 2005 Conference and Expo, discussing the company’s experience in developing and implementing successful business applications based o­n Asterisk technology, in Las Vegas, November 14-16.

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