December 3, 2008

Shred and secure-delete: tools for wiping files, partitions and disks in GNU/Linux

I carry a small, laminated card indicating my subscription to the IUSP (International Union of the Super Paranoid, tin hat division). Well, you canââ¬â¢t be too careful. After all, we live in a dangerous world and computers are just an extension of that. After youââ¬â¢ve installed the right operating systemââ¬âGNU/Linux, of courseââ¬âsecure browsers, rootkit and virus scanners, you might just start to feel secureââ¬âand smug. Donââ¬â¢t be. Until you have understood and mastered some of these GNU core utilities to securely delete, shred and wipe files, directories, partitions and whole disks youââ¬â¢re not in the clear. Why not?



  • Linux
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