Shuah Khan Becomes the Third Linux Foundation Fellow


Programmers love to write code. But what about debugging it, writing test suites, and tracking down security bugs? Not so much. To help address these problems in Linux, Shuah Khan, a noted Linux kernel developer, is becoming — after Linus Torvalds and Greg Kroah-Hartman — the Linux Foundation‘s third Linux Foundation Fellow.

Khan, who grew up in India, picked up her computer science master’s degree in operating systems and graphics. After working at AT&T Bell Labs and Lucent, she spent over 13 years at HPE, where she worked on open-source projects. While there, she decided: “I really wanted to contribute to Linux kernel, and I started looking for ways to get involved.”

She started to work in 2011 on the mainstreaming of Android code back into Linux in her spare time. Unlike some people, she found the Linux kernel developer community to be very welcoming. “I thought that it’s the right place, the right fit for me,” Khan told ZDNet.

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