December 3, 2003

Shuttle And Mandrake - A Good Combo?

Avatar writes "In September of this year MandrakeSoft, maker of the Mandrake Linux distribution, announced it had a made a bundling deal with Shuttle. With each and every one of Shuttles Network Appliance (NA) XPC products, a copy of Mandrake Linux would be in the box. This agreement covered the SB52G2, SB62G2, and SB75G2 models. Perhaps taking a cue from the marketing of oft ridiculed Lindows, MandrakeSoft has decided to give bundling with hardware a shot. The real question is, did they do it right the first time? Or are they going to repeat the mistakes Lindows has made by bundling with inferior hardware? Shuttle was kind enough to send us an SB75G2 so we could take a look for ourselves."


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